Girl Scout Cookie

A++ Top Shelf Type: Mostly Sativa Hybrid.Looks: Amazing. Fresh tight nugs, dark green, with the prettiest orange hairs. Super Sparkley. Smell: Other worldly. Believe that. It does NOT smell like cookies fresh off the oven, more like the box that the cookies come in. It smells somewhat minty, a hint of lemongrass, and it reeks like skunk. Taste: Waaay different to what it smells, geez. Milky soothing smoke, that hits the lungs crucial. Wow, you get the taste in layers, cherry, lemon grassy, chocolatey, minty, then a refined silky kushy taste on the exhale. Huh…the taste just lingers in the lips for ever… Effects: The effects are energetic, a superior potent buzz. Mostly in the head. Potency: Potency, I say in the 20%+ range, the buzz lasted about 2 1/2 hours, Good for pain, depression, increased appetite and sleep aid.