About Us

FREE DELIVERY>TOP SHELF! New patients get a FREE GRAM and 7.0 glass jar!Open Late.HAPPY HOUR Mon -Fri 12pm-4pm BOGO free fat joint! Call us to place your order. 10% discount for terminally ill and cancer patients. We are a premium collective offering the finest medicinal cannibus products to our valued patients. (We only Have top shelf strains.You will not be disappointed.) Most delivery’s are within 1 hour.(may be longer during traffic) Refer a friend and get one gram! * * FREE HOUSE JOINT All our top shelf meds are free of pesticides, bugs, and any harmful elements. Try us and see.Our product speaks for its self. ONLY THE BEST! We are dedicated to professionalism, honesty, reliability and offer free deliveries! AND WE ARE VERY DISCRETE. The drivers donate there time so anything helps. Thank you. Must have valid doctor’s recommendation and current CA ID. You can also visit our wed site at: sdgreencross.com. Thank You.

DISTRIBUTED ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE SEC. 11362.5(B)(1)(A)& 11362.7(H) PROP 215 &S.B 420 -MUST BE A LEGAL RESIDENT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA -MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE -MUST HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AN ILLNESS KNOWN TO BE TREATABLE OR ALLEVIATED THROUGH THE USE OF THERAPEUTIC CANNABIS SAN DIEGO GREEN CROSS IS A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION We are a small Collective created to aid patients in need of alternative medicine in the San Diego community. Only individuals with current, legally recognized, medicinal marijuana documentation, ID card or a verifiable written recommendation from a physician, for medical marijuana will be accepted. Expired cards are not accepted. Green Cross offers FREE delivery to selected North coast San Diego. *Delivery drivers only carry $10 change. *And only carry amounts ordered. *Verification/Registration needed prior to making any deliveries.